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Shpundra – Pork and beetroot stew


Shpundra is the ancient Ukrainian folk dish comprising pork stewed with beetroots in beet kvass. The meat gets a tender, rich taste and a vibrant ruby color. Such a dish will be a great, nourishing dinner. In old times, shpundra was dressed with flour or...

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Stewed Pork Ribs

Succulent and juicy pork ribs… doesn’t this sound tempting for those who crave for stewed pork?

Stewing is one of the best ways to cook the pork since it not only makes the meat easier to digest but also keeps most of the pork...

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Stewed pork and buckwheat in pots

If you think that buckwheat with meat is a traditional recipe which is served as everyday meal then you are probably wrong. Cooking these products in a usual earthenware pot, you'll get a terrific hot dish which you can serve your guests. This stewed pork...

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Stewed pork with vegetables

Stewed pork with vegetables is an old good idea for a tasty supper. You can cook meat and side altogether. As the result the combination of tender meat, healthy vegetable side and thick sauce makes our mouth watered. By the way the process of pork...

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Pork stew with beer

Pork stew with beer is a dainty dish which can cook even those who have no culinary abilities. The meat is soft and tender while it is frying and stewing in beer at the same time. The pork can be served cold if you will...

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