Berries and Cream Dessert

Summer is the right time to enjoy fresh fruits and to fill your body with vitamins and supply the body with energy for the whole following year. As you know summer products help to boost our immune system and to maintain electrolyte balance. Plus, fruits digest quickly because they contain lower amounts of fats in comparison to other foods. So, if you want to stay healthy and in good shape, begin your day with fruit desserts, for instance with this raspberry, sweet cherry, and black currant sweet course. You can...


Ingredients: 500 g of apples 3 whites 0.5 glass of sugar Cooking Wash apples, peel and bake them. Dice the apples, remove the seeds and grate the baked fruits through a sieve, place the mass in a pan. Add sugar and raw whites. Whip the mass with the help of a wire whisk until the mass become stiff and fluffy. Transfer the prepared yabchanka in dessert bowls and then put the bowls in a fridge until the dessert thickens. Enjoy your meal!