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Tomato Appetizer with Horseradish

This wonderful appetizer will become a great spread for your favorite sandwiches and make your lunch memorable. You can also serve this tangy sauce as dressing to your favorite beef roast or macaroni.

This appetizer includes just 3 main ingredients – tomatoes,...

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Tomato and Brynza Appetizer

This is a super quick and super easy appetizer. We’ll need only two main ingredients to cook this delicious dish. It is an elegant version of how to serve the usual tomato and feta cheese appetizer.

Be careful, this starter is so yummy that it can up-stage your main course. It is...

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Appetizer ‘Tomato Tulips’

It is very important to choose a good recipe for St. Valentine’s Day which will like your soul mate because well organized and prepared romantic supper will leave in your hearts and become good memories in the course of time. The supper on this day...

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Eggplants with mushrooms

The eggplants with mushrooms could be served with meat or fish. They are light and nourishing at the same time. This side dish have a specific taste because of the mix of vegetables, mushrooms and sour cream, the combination of which gives the dish savour.

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Egg stuffed tomatoes

Let’s cook a delicious and healthy appetizer. If you want to have a light snack – then remember the recipe for this one. The egg stuffed tomatoes are a noncaloric and at the same time nourishing dish.

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