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10 prominent features of ancient Ukrainian cuisine

National culinary traditions and language, literature, and art hold significant cultural value. Ukrainian cuisine, known for its diverse dishes offering exceptional nutritional value and taste, has evolved over the years.

Historical records and archaeological findings...

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Ukrainian national cuisine as an art


Ukrainian cuisine is not just a collection of traditional recipes that Ukrainians cook on weekdays and holidays. It is a way of life, folk culture, and national art, treated with trepidation both within and abroad.

Let's learn more about...

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What dishes were on the Ukrainian table over 100 years ago?


Scientists believe the bulb onion, garlic, and rye to be the oldest products in Ukrainian lands. The same scientists are convinced that the ancient Ukrainian national cuisine was much healthier than the modern one since traditional dishes included lots of vegetables and cereals.

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Top 20 tastiest cuisines in the world


Everyone has their own favorite cook: for many of us, it's a mom, dad, grandma, or other loved ones. And the taste of the dishes they prepare always gives joy and soul warmth. However, do you know in which countries the most delicious...

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What dishes Ukrainians love. Top 5 favorite


Whoever you are - we all love to eat. Each country has its own gastronomic favorites: In Ukraine, we love not only borsch but many other national dishes. An interesting poll held in 2013 shows about 5 Ukrainian recipes...

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