The NBU has issued four commemorative coins dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's independence, the National Bank of Ukraine put into circulation four jubilee coins from the series "Renaissance of Ukrainian statehood" and one investment coin. The most expensive of them costs 140 thousand UAH.

Gold and silver commemorative coins are decorated with state symbols, each with its own storyline.

The National Bank emphasizes the traditions, historical memory of the people, and unique DNA of the nation.

Gold coin with a face value of 250 hryvnias (Au 900), mintage - 400 coins, estimated price - UAH 140,000

This coin is made of silver and its face value is 50 hryvnias (Ag 999), mintage - 500 coins, estimated price - UAH 20,000

Another silver coin with a face value of 10 hryvnias (Ag 925), mintage - 3,000 coins, estimated price - UAH 1,846

There is also a coin made of nickel silver with a face value of 5 hryvnias (CuNiZn), mintage - 50,000 coins (including 15,000 in a souvenir package), estimated price -  UAH 70

On the obverse of the coin, there is a composition that symbolizes Ukraine - endless picturesque fields in the form of stylized ornaments, over which storks fly. The reverse of the coin depicts a colored embroidered ribbon symbolizing the code of the nation.

The National Bank will also issue an investment silver coin with a face value of 1 UAH (mintage - 15,000). The coin is unique and its price can only increase over time because its mintage will be limited.

Ukrainians can buy coins in the online store of numismatic products, and later from distributor banks offering the sale of commemorative coins and souvenirs.

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