Ukrainian home decor for New Year holidays

Like everyone on the planet, Ukrainians love holidays. The New Year holiday season is a series of important and special family events, so Ukrainians plan in advance what traditional dishes to cook, what gifts to present for their loved ones and of course what New Year decor to make.

The traditions of the New Year celebration in Ukraine represent a mix of authentic and Western styles. Let’s find out how Ukrainians clean and decorate their homes and get ready for holidays.

Clean up

In Ukrainian families, there is a tradition to do spring cleaning before New Year's Eve. Everything should be clean and sparkling: ceilings, blankets, dishes, windows, etc. Cleaning also has a symbolic meaning: it means that the family gets rid of everything unnecessary and makes room for new opportunities and chances. Do you agree that it’s impossible to deck your home with decorations unless there is no place for them?)

Handmade decor

Handmade decorations represent a longstanding tradition for both children and adults. Regardless of age, Ukrainians love to make paper toys and garlands, cut snowflakes for windows and ceilings, and sew fabric and yarn decorations.

Light and heat

In the past, hearth, a symbol of light and warmth, was in the center of attention. Today, there are many alternatives like candles, lights, garlands, and more. Various pillows, blankets, and bedspreads are used to create special comfort. Just imagine how wonderful it is to sit in such a house with your family and drink some tea or traditional Ukrainian drink uzvar made of dried fruits.

New Year tree

Christmas tree is a must-have decoration. Earlier Ukrainian ancestors decorated living trees inside their homes but now more and more people decorate an artificial Christmas tree or even a tree right in their yard with diverse Christmas balls and garlands.

Holiday mood

A special mystery and belief that New Year is sure to bring something good is a feeling inherent to every Ukrainian. Therefore, it is a great idea to be in a good mood, feel the festive atmosphere bouncing off and always genuinely smile at each other during the winter holidays!

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