Carrot, apple, and strawberry juice

Juicing fresh fruits is one of the best things we can do for our health. When we drink freshly squeezed juices, we deliver all of the nutrients and essential vitamins of those fruits to our body in a form that is easily processed. The fruit juice we’re cooking today is not only tasty, but also extremely healthy, since it includes only fresh fruits and berries. No sugar! No additional sweeteners! Refreshing and bursting with goodness, this satisfying drink is going to cleanse your body. From strawberries you’ll get an extra...

Red currant juice

Ingredients: 2 kg of red currants 1 l (liter) of water 300 ml of sugar Cooking Wash red currants, place them in a pan and press slightly. Pour the berries with water and boil for 10 minutes. Then filter the mixture through a sieve. Add sugar to the drink, bring it to boil again and bottle the juice. If you add some sugar and dilute the juice with water – you will get a compote. If you add sugar and gelatin to the drink, you can cook jelly. Enjoy your drink!