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Traditional Ukrainian sour soup cooked from beetroot as the main ingredient. This is one of the most popular Ukrainian recipe ever. Try one borsch recipe and you couldn’t be able to stop cooking this amazing soup!

Ukrainian Christmas traditions: borscht on Christmas Eve

Ukrainian borscht holds a unique status and profound cultural significance. It's globally recognized and even listed by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage worthy of protection. Borscht is the Ukrainians' all-time favorite food, prepared for daily meals and special festive occasions.

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How Ukrainian borsch is cooked abroad


Ukrainians live not only on the territory of modern Ukraine. Many of our countrymen temporarily or permanently reside in other countries, but this does not stop them from loving and cooking traditional Ukrainian borsch. Moreover, this authentic Ukrainian dish is so popular...

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10 popular Ukrainian borsch recipes

Some people wonder why the taste of borsch can be so different if you try this dish in different places. The fact is that Ukrainian borsch recipes differ. On the one hand, in each region of the country, borsch is cooked in...

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