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Traditional Ukrainian bread palianytsia

What is “palianytsia”?

The word "palianytsia" is well-known to every Ukrainian, regardless of age or region of residence. It is perceived as something truly Ukrainian, native, and with a patriotic color. This word holds multiple meanings, so let's...

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The symbolism of bread in the Ukrainian culture


Bread for Ukrainians is not only an integral part of the meal but also a national heritage. It is called "God's gift," "breadwinner," and "holy" and is perceived as a symbol of life. Therefore, bread is not only an everyday food product...

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Ukrainian bread in the Hutsul culture


The Hutsuls is an ethnic group living in Romania and the western part of Ukraine - Carpathians. They have made a major contribution to the culture and national cuisine of Ukraine and are known as the creators of simple but special dishes. It...

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