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Chicken Soup with Carrot and Onion

recipe 1Are you looking for a new light and healthy soup recipe? Then you definitely should try this one.

Being tender and flavorful, this chicken soup is at the same time nourishing.

This dish perfectly...

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Chicken soup with thread noodles

177579Boil a tasty and rich homemade chicken soup with thread noodles. It is a good alternative to a usual potato soup. This chicken soup is nourishing, healthy and easy to cook.

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Cheese soup with chicken

120705181646-120721221514-p-O-sirnij-sup-po-francuzski-s-kuricejCook with us this tender cheesy soup with chicken, potato, and carrot. Imagine how you bite a crispy toast and feel the flavor of a rich and flavorful soup.

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