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Pliatsok ‘Tenderness’


Pliatsok is the sweet dessert which is widely popular in Ukraine. This cocoa cake with cheese and coconut flakes will become a winner on any festive table.

Combining white and brown dough with cheese and...

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Cocoa Cake with Grapes

0708162If you are a sweet tooth, then you’ll surely like this cake. It features tender chocolaty taste and flavor. Each piece of this awesome cake is fairly sweet and moist. Crusts are softened with caramelized milk. Green grapes...

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Cake ‘sweet potato’

pirozhnoe-kartoshkaThe cake 'sweet potato' is considered to be one of the most favorite cakes for children and adults. The dessert can be easily cooked at home. You will need only some simple ingredients and you don’t have to bake...

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