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Sweet bakery usually shaped in a round and flat form. The main ingredients for cookies are butter, flour, and eggs. Try to cook homemade cookies and taste healthy Ukrainian recipes!

Cinnamon Cookies

Today we are going to share with you the recipe for a flavorful dessert. This is the recipe for classic, home-style cinnamon cookies.

Cinnamon is a delicious spice which is not just for some holidays, since it can be used to spice up your...

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Chocolate Cookies

If you are a sweet tooth then you definitively are not mind eating something chocolate and yummy. Are you ready to treat your guests with something really tasty, something that is impossible to resist? Then take your notebook and get ready to write...

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Fruit cookies

Treat your children with these crunchy and flavorful fruit cookies. They are healthy, nourishing, and tasty.


  • 100 g dairy butter
  • 1/4 glass of sour cream
  • 1 glass...
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Apple curd cookies

A yummy way to start your day! Bake sweet apple cheese cakes with cinnamon for your children and relatives and enjoy the dessert with hot herbal tea in a family setting.

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Homemade cookies

Homemade cookies can be a great alternative for sweet stuff which we buy in shops. You may serve these amazing cookies with walnuts and chocolate glaze together with tea while gathering the whole family at table. The recipe will help you to put a little magic in...

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