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Sweet bakery usually shaped in a round and flat form. The main ingredients for cookies are butter, flour, and eggs. Try to cook homemade cookies and taste healthy Ukrainian recipes!

Chocolate Cookies


If you are a sweet tooth then you definitively are not mind eating something chocolate and yummy. Are you ready to treat your guests with something really tasty, something that is impossible to resist?...

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Fruit cookies

1415374267_biskvitnoe-pechene-s-suxofruktamiTreat your children with these crunchy and flavorful fruit cookies. They are healthy, nourishing, and tasty.


  • 100 g...
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Apple curd cookies

6887076652d7f44fc5c530.36703492_recipes_main_bigA yummy way to start your day! Bake sweet apple cheese cakes with cinnamon for your children and relatives and enjoy the dessert with hot herbal tea in a family setting.

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