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Flat croquettes of minced meat typically covered in breadcrumbs and shaped in round shape. This is a fantastic food for all meat-fans. Try the best Ukrainian recipes to make delicious cutlets!

Turkey and pork cutlets

These tender pork and turkey cutlets cooked with just a few ingredients are so delicious that it is hardly ever possible to resist the temptation. They will be eaten in just minutes. In addition, the cutlets require little cooking time. Would you like to have...

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Pork-Beef Zrazy with Champignon and Egg Filling

This dish will catch the fancy of all who will try to cook it. The flavorful and juicy cutlets stuffed with a tender mushroom and egg filling are just amazing.

They will become a perfect addition to mashed potatoes and vegetable ragout....

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Quick Chicken Cutlets

These simple cutlets are sure to wow your whole family. You will like these cutlets for their tenderness and delicate flavor.

These cutlets have a slightly unusual but remarkably simple recipe. The secret of their recipe lies in using turmeric. This wonderful ingredient adds...

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Pork and Pumpkin Cutlets

You can serve these mouthwatering cutlets as a starter or a side dish or an evening snack. They are perfect for small parties and get togethers. Your guests and family will simply love the cutlets.

First of all, they are rather easy to cook....

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Alaska Pollock Cutlets

I am glad to share one more recipe for your daily menu. It is a simple but no less delicious dish which will melt in your mouth. Great as a side dish for a lunch of dinner. You may also serve the cutlets as a snack...

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