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Vegetable marrow and eggplant stew

226958If you don’t know how to surprise your guests with a new dish, then cook the vegetable marrow and eggplant stew. The dish is tasty, nourishing and looks very appetizing on a festive table.

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Eggplant rolls with bryndza, garlic and tomatoes

rp388449_largeLet’s cook savoury and piquant eggplant rolls with bryndza, garlic and tomatoes. This dish is one of the most favorite appetizers in Ukraine. Vegetables, garlic and soft cheese – it is absolutely a win-win combination.

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Salad in marrows

0_a0484_e9f7f0db_XLThe marrows are widely thought useful because they have the efficient components which are necessary for the eutrophy. They contain mineral salts which are important for metabolism. This vegetable is considered to be good food for...

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