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 Eggplant and Bell Pepper Appetizer

This quick and easy vegetarian appetizer will surely satisfy your taste buds.

Tossed with soy sauce, tomato paste, and garlic, this starter is very flavorful and piquant.

This stewed eggplant and bell pepper mixture is a crowd pleasing appetizer that works...

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Fried Eggplants in a Pepper-Garlic Sauce

The history of this recipe comes from the Southern Ukraine, town Kherson. The eggplants cooked with this recipe are rather piquant. They will become a good solution to serve as an appetizer at some picnic of family gatherings.

The advantage of this...

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Eggplants with mushrooms

The eggplants with mushrooms could be served with meat or fish. They are light and nourishing at the same time. This side dish have a specific taste because of the mix of vegetables, mushrooms and sour cream, the combination of which gives the dish savour.

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Vegetable marrow and eggplant stew

If you don’t know how to surprise your guests with a new dish, then cook the vegetable marrow and eggplant stew. The dish is tasty, nourishing and looks very appetizing on a festive table.

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Eggplant rolls with bryndza, garlic and tomatoes

Let’s cook savoury and piquant eggplant rolls with bryndza, garlic and tomatoes. This dish is one of the most favorite appetizers in Ukraine. Vegetables, garlic and soft cheese – it is absolutely a win-win combination.

By the way the yummy snack has a rather...

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