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Ukrainian Easter dishes

Easter is considered to be the most important day in the annual calendar of church holidays. This brightdaysymbolizes theResurrection of Jesus Christafterhis crucifixionand the...

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Chicken Zakolot

Chicken zakolot is the Ukrainian dish.

It is a very tasty cold appetizer which is similar to holodets in its recipe. However, zakolot differs somehow from kholodets. It includes ceps. The recipe is rather time-saving but the result is worth trying.

Do you...

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Chicken, Pork, and Beef Kholodets

Kholodets is a jelly-like dish from meat broth. It gets its name from ‘kholod’, the Ukrainian word for cold and is traditionally served in Ukraine during winter holidays.

When served, kholodets has the shape of the basin where it was chilled. The meat pieces...

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Mushroom aspic

Today we offer you one of the aspic recipes which are so popular in Ukraine. This mushroom aspic with potato and carrot is not very caloric and it doesn’t take long time to cook.

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Vegetable aspic

Kholodets is a well-known dish in Ukraine. However the Ukrainians cook not only meat or fish aspic but also veggie one. This vegetable aspic is light and useful. You may serve it as garnish to the main dish or simply cook it when you want to...

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