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Old New Year: an unusual holiday in Ukraine


Ukrainians traditionally celebrate the New Year on the night of December 31 to January 1. However, it is also worth refer theOld New Yearto popular winter holidays in Ukraine. It is celebrated on the night ofJanuary 13-14.

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Traditional Old New Year foods in Ukraine

According to the tradition, Ukrainians cook rich and nourishing dishes for the Old New Year's Eve. That’s why this evening is also called GenerousEvening”(ShchedryiVechir).

Kutia is the main ritual dish. It is cooked with dried fruits, poppy seeds, nuts, and...

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3 important January holidays for Ukrainians


Once upon a time, Ukrainians called January studen, i.e. a very cold month. There were three important holidays during this period: Christmas, Epiphany, and Old New Year (St Vasyl Day).How did Ukrainians celebrate these holidays and what exactly did they...

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