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Turkey and pork cutlets

220916These tender pork and turkey cutlets cooked with just a few ingredients are so delicious that it is hardly ever possible to resist the temptation. They will be eaten in just minutes. In addition, the cutlets require little...

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Pork and Pumpkin Cutlets

00090906-300x200You can serve these mouthwatering cutlets as a starter or a side dish or an evening snack. They are perfect for small parties and get togethers. Your guests and family will simply love the cutlets.

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Baked pork patties with nutmeg

04-06-2014-14-20-38_152These baked pork cutlets with nutmeg are divinely tasty and incredibly healthy. The baked tender pork in combination with nutmeg gives a wonderful aftertaste which you will definitely enjoy.

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