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Potato and chicken muffins


Low on time and ingredients? Don’t worry, we have the recipe which requires only two main ingredients – chicken and potato. Simple components and delicious results. That is something a little different than traditional second...

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Shrimp and Mushroom Stuffed Potatoes

kartofel-farshirovannyj-rybojIf you enjoy seafood and want to treat your guests with a nourishing appetizer, then let’s cook stuffed potatoes together. Our filling is rather unusual and interesting. We will combine shrimps, mushrooms and tender sauce with...

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Potato roll with mushrooms

0_84ae62511718c867189c83ea1af4bbde.1A good alternative to a traditional potato cake is a potato roll with mushrooms. It is more festive and has a really tender taste. Meanwhile you can cook the appetizer beforehand and keep it in a...

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