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A liquid dish based on broth and potato. The first courses are very popular in traditional Ukrainian cuisine because of its healthy and nutritious property. Try the best potato soup and taste Ukrainian traditions!

Potato, Green Pea, and Celery Soup

Sup-kartofelnyj-s-zelenym-goroshkom_opt-4The idea of a basic potato soup seems satisfying enough yet today we are going to diversify the traditional recipe. The flavors of chicken, green peas, and celery root blend so well with the...

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Potato and Crab Soup

sup-lapsha-s-krevetkami_8275If you want to surprise your family with something new and tasty then, go ahead! Cook this amazing potato and crab soup and your relatives will not resist the temptation.

This dish includes a combination...

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Potato Soup with Tomato Sauce

d183If you like potato soups then you will like the recipe of this one. We are going to renew the recipe of a daily potato soup with the help of a delicious tomato sauce which we...

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