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A liquid dish based on broth and potato. The first courses are very popular in traditional Ukrainian cuisine because of its healthy and nutritious property. Try the best potato soup and taste Ukrainian traditions!

Potato, cheese, and carrot soup with chicken broth

It doesn’t matter how many bowls of chicken soup you’ve eaten before. Once you taste this soup, the next time you’ll decide to cook it again. You probably know that cheese and chicken make a great taste combination. This sumptuous soup with cream...

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Beef and Potato Soup (Carpathian Recipe)

This recipe is the one for the meat and potato lovers. It is a new twist on plain potato soup.

Containing tender chunks of beef, soft potato, juicy tomato and bell pepper, this soup is completely satisfying. This dish is a great...

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Potato Soup with Calamari

If you have not yet cooked a potato soup with calamari, then give this dish a try and you will just love it. It is thick and hearty with rich squid flavour and just enough spiciness to tickle the tongue. This recipe is the best solution for...

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Potato, Green Pea, and Celery Soup

The idea of a basic potato soup seems satisfying enough yet today we are going to diversify the traditional recipe. The flavors of chicken, green peas, and celery root blend so well with the potato. Combining several everyday ingredients we’ll get an unusual taste.

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Potato and Crab Soup

If you want to surprise your family with something new and tasty then, go ahead! Cook this amazing potato and crab soup and your relatives will not resist the temptation.

This dish includes a combination of soft potato with a sautéed mix of onions...

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