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Pumpkin porridge with apples and raisins

kasha-pshenno-tykvennaya-v-duxovke_2085Pumpkin porridge is considered to be one of the healthiest ones. That’s why it should be on the list of your menu. This pumpkin porridge with fruits and cinnamon is tasty and soft and contains the...

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Warm pumpkin and lentils salad

95261We offer you the recipe for vegetable salad which is healthy and tasty. This warm pumpkin and lentils salad is the ideal variant for those who want to have a nourishing dinner and not to gain...

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Pancakes with meat and pumpkin

457728368622e848d3d79d0729fc70fbLet’s cook the autumn breakfast. Such stuffing as tender mincemeat and stewed pumpkin will definitely like children and adults. By the way pumpkin is considered to be the vegetable with low calorific value and at the...

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