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Traditional Ukrainian dish made from dough and filled with different fillings, for instance, cottage cheese, potato, cabbage, etc. Look for these varenyky recipes and cook such a tasty dish!

History and 10 facts about Ukrainian varenyky

Varenyky is the classic Ukrainian national cuisine dish that has come down to Ukraine from ancient times without much foreign influence. Indispensable on the Ukrainian table, varenyky were more than just a dish – they served...

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Varenyky with a delicious peach and raspberry filling


We encourage you to cook these tender and sweet Ukrainian dumplings with a filling made of raspberries and peaches. We suggest cooking these varenyky using unleavened dough made with sparkling water with the addition of yolks and dairy butter.

These fruit dumplings melt...

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Varenyky with salted farm cheese filling


Varenyky is a popular traditional dish that every Ukrainian ate growing up. This is the dish of our great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, children, and next generations of Ukrainians.

Here's the idea of diversifying this dish that is so familiar to...

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Dumplings with poppy seeds

Looking for delicious Christmas recipes? You may like these A-mazing dumplings (Ukrainian varenyky) stuffed with poppy seeds and served with sour cream/honey.

Varenyky are one of the 12 sacred dishes of the traditional Ukrainian Christmas dinner and poppy seeds symbolize wealth and prosperity...

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