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Varenyky with guelder rose berries


Varenyky with guelder rose berry filling are a great family-friendly dish.

Relishing a sweet sour taste, these varenyky are just marvelous. Bright flavor, tender taste.

What could be more tempting?

Try this great...

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Varenyky with Mutton


Today we are going to cook varenyky with a delicious meat filling.

Ground mutton with onion is a good solution to stuff your varenyky.

If you haven’t tried the varenyky with such a filling...

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Varenyky with Chicken and Champignons

100516 Varenyky are so popular among Ukrainians and there are dozens of recipes for varenyky and their fillings. Today we are going to cook dumplings with chicken and champignons.

These varenyky are tasty, tender, and very nourishing. They will become...

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