Tips to get ready for a successful New Year. Ukrainian traditions and customs


The night of 31st December to 1st January – is the end of the old year and the beginning of the new one. This is the time when you finish one stage of life, get rid of unnecessary, and get ready to move forward.

On the whole, the time from 21st December to 7th January is energetically strong and it is very important to refine and clean oneself as well as do away with everything bad, old, and useless – both in material and spiritual spheres.

Old things that are kept in our wardrobe or pantry for years have a tendency to accumulate not only dust but also negative energy. That’s why it is necessary to dispose of the things which you didn’t used during the last year (except for those things which are close to your heart and at one glance put you in a good mood).

In fact, the ability to throw away old things is very important. This is how you part with the past which oppresses and prevents you from moving on.

That’s why it’s essential to spring-clean your house, throw away old things, and clean energy of your dwelling. By the way, you should throw away not only needless things, but also the things which bring back sad memories, even if these things are new and expensive. Grief and sorrow are bad companions, and you will surely go without them in the new year.


Now let’s talk about other New Year beliefs. All of us know that we should forgive our offenders, make peace with relatives, and pay debts until 31st of December. It is not difficult to understand that in such a way we clean ourselves spiritually and free ourselves of negativity, evil, and insult, and therefore become open for everything good.

If we do not follow these rules, and if we do not reconsider our attitude towards a life as a whole and towards ourselves in particular, then it’s useless to make a wish to have happiness and abundance in the next year. Please, remember one simple rule – like attracts like.

Immediately in advance of 31st of December, before spending the New Year, get dressed in everything new. During this time it is not allowed to work hard, in another way the following year will be busy and troublesome.

It will be very good if on the 31st of December and 1st of January you have some sum of money at home – in such a way you can draw welfare and prosperity.

Before setting the table for dinner, put some rye/wheat/oat seeds above the table (they symbolize fertility and wealth) and then cover them with a freshly washed tablecloth.

It will be good if you put a loaf of homemade bread with salt on the table (since the old days, in Ukraine bread has served as the symbol of well-being, while salt has warded off evil spirits).

Ukrainians have also put on their tables poppy seeds which symbolize longevity, garlic that protects the house from devils, sunflower seeds which are the symbol of a close-knit family and health, pepper that helps avoid family quarrels, nuts which stand for health and wisdom, and pumpkin that is a symbol of fertility.

You can also serve dishes made of green peas and beans symbolizing strength, wealth, friendship, and good relations with relatives.

By the way, don’t forget to put a piece of string round table legs – in order to make all people gathered around one table to be together the whole year round – no one quarreled or fell sick.

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