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What is Ukraine famous for beyond its borders?

Ukraine and Ukrainians possess truly invaluable treasures. These include Ukrainian hospitality and a dish known as “borscht.”

The list of Ukraine’s national values and achievements is extensive, comprising around 20 key points. We are eager to share each of these, which encompasses material and spiritual aspects. What’s most significant is that these treasures hold a special place in the hearts of every Ukrainian, both male, and female.

Intrigued? Certainly! We invite you to acquaint yourself with the esteemed symbols of the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian State, each holding profound significance for all of us.

1. Eloquent Ukrainian language

Four decades have elapsed since Ukraine gained its independence, and each passing year brings more recognition to the importance of the Ukrainian language. Beyond being a mere collection of words and sounds, the native language forms an integral part of self-identity, shaping people’s destinies. Proficiency in the Ukrainian language instills a desire to converse in it.

Foreigners who encounter the Ukrainian language for the first time are invariably captivated by its beauty. Its gentle, rhythmic, and melodic tones leave a lasting impression. Interestingly, as far back as 1934, during a linguistic congress in Paris, the Ukrainian language was ranked third (after French and Farsi) in terms of euphony, richness, and word-formation properties.

2. Generous Ukrainian land

The land is of the greatest value, encompassing practical and symbolic significance. On the one hand, it serves as a nurturing mother. Thanks to the world-famous chernozem, or black soil, various crops are grown on the generous Ukrainian land: wheat, sunflower, corn, barley, and more. An interesting fact is that the area of Ukrainian chernozem reserves is equal to the land area of Great Britain.

On the other hand, the earth stands as a potent talisman and a profound symbol. It protects and empowers, inspires, and comforts those who live and work on it.

3. Unique Ukrainian people

Ukraine is the largest country located on the European continent. Its area is more than 603 thousand km2, equal to 5.7% of Europe’s territory and 0.44% of the globe’s territory. People are the greatest value of our country – active, honest, and hardworking. Their collective qualities contribute to the nation’s remarkable character.

From West to East, from North to South – every piece of Ukrainian land is inhabited by the Ukrainian people. As of the beginning of 2022, a little more than 41 million people lived in Ukraine, with a global diaspora of approximately 45 million.

4. Freedom is the highest value

It’s often said that depriving Ukrainians of their freedom is akin to depriving them of the ability to breathe. Even though the air formula is more stable than the formula of freedom, the latter remains indispensable to every Ukrainian’s existence.

Ukrainians do not recognize tsars and do not consider themselves enslaved people. Imposing unwanted constraints invariably leads to revolutionary resistance. All those who dream of enslaving the Ukrainian people and going against their wishes should remember this.

5. True traditions

Ukrainian traditions embody a fusion of ancient and modern customs. Ukrainians traditionally celebrate Ivan Kupala by jumping over the fire, and also they gather as a family around the Christmas table, where kutia holds a central place.

Modern Ukrainians remain deeply rooted in their heritage and are open to everything new. We cherish our embroidered shirts, passing them down through generations, and eagerly welcome new traditions, especially within young families.

6. Honour and dignity

The dignity of the Ukrainian people is youth. During the 2013 Maidan protests, the security forces illegally terrorized the youth during the demonstrations, and the people made it clear to the government that dignity can not be ignored.

That is why the events of those times are called the Revolution of Dignity. That is why Ukrainians will never relinquish their human rights in exchange for ordinary benefits. This is how events have already developed once, and this is how they continue to develop again, underscoring the boundless resilience of Ukrainian pride.

7. Ancestors of modern Ukrainians

While semi-wild tribes of nomads inhabited neighboring territories, the Scythians built their way of life on the Ukrainian land. From them, Ukrainians inherited traditional pottery, white shirts, and pointed hats (the same ones worn by the Cossacks). According to Cossack lore, our ancestors were also courageous Sarmatians.

It is from these remarkable ancestors that we inherited the Ukrainian language (which naturally “modernized” over time), along with culture, handicrafts, traditions, and mentality – everything that generates the source code of the nation.

8. Diverse Ukrainian culture

Ukrainian culture has developed under the influence of historical events. Each turning point left its mark on cultural heritage and introduced novelties to literature, painting, theater, music, and other areas of activity.

For instance, the emergence of the Cossacks laid the groundwork for the education system; the Khrushchov thaw of 1953-1964 gave rise to rebellious dissidents and multiple Nobel Prize nominations; the military invasion in February 2022 evoked deeply heartfelt developments in Ukrainian music, almost to the point of tears. The list goes on. Consequently, every historical event enriches Ukrainian culture with distinctive elements.

9. Achievements of Ukrainian science

Ukrainian scientists play a pivotal role in the global process of developing science and technology. Our experts collaborate daily with peers worldwide to give life to new, vital, influential inventions.

Looking back at the history of science, we have already achieved much: we created the first antibiotic that worked effectively against tuberculosis, developed artificial heart valves, invented the Puluy lamp, and much more.

10. The power of literary expression

Ukrainian writers and poets have gifted us with countless literary treasures. Ukrainians deeply cherish and respect these literary figures, and the most famous lines from the authors’ pen are selectively quoted on banknotes.

Not a Ukrainian does not know about the creative and life path of such outstanding authors as Taras Shevchenko, Lesya Ukrainka, Vasyl Stus, Pavlo Tichyna, and Ivan Franko. Contemporary authors are equally remarkable: the works of Lina Kostenko, Sergey Zhadan, Oksana Zabuzhko, and others enjoy widespread popularity.

11. Fine art

You can spend hours listing the great masters of brush and canvas from Ukraine. Among the most renowned are Kateryna Bilokur, Ivan Marchuk, Anatolii Kryvolap, Arkhip Kuindzhi, Ilya Repin, Tetyana Yablonska, Oleksandr Rojtburd, and numerous others.

Though employing different techniques, these artists inspired millions with their creations. Such Ukrainian art rightly deserve international recognition.

12. One-of-a-kind theater

The late 19th century marked a significant turning point in Ukrainian theater history. During that period, Ukrainians achieved the opportunity to stage plays in the Ukrainian language. This marked the birth of the esteemed Theater of Luminaries, the first professional Ukrainian theater founded in Kropyvnytskyi.

Translated from Greek as “the one who stands on top,” the term “Corypheus” aptly applies. The Corypheus Theater melded comedy, drama, music, and dance into a captivating synthesis. This innovative format is known for its authenticity and originality.

13. The power of Ukrainian song

Music and singing reside deeply within the soul of Ukrainians. They bring joy during challenging times, hope at pivotal moments, and sheer happiness in times of triumph. Thus, the Ukrainian song went far beyond the Ukrainian language.

The folk song “Shchedryk,” with over a century of history, served as the foundation for world’s most famous Christmas song, “Carol of the Bells.” In collaboration with Ukrainian artist Andrey Khlyvnyuk, the legendary British band Pink Floyd recorded the song “Hey Hey Rise Up” – their first collaboration in 30 years.

14. The magic of Ukrainian folk tales

This unique folklore genre demonstrates kindness, freedom, peacefulness, equality, diligence, truth, and other essential values for every Ukrainian. These tales, rooted in Slavic mythology, often portray mythical creatures such as mermaids, mermen, witches, and devils.

The cornerstone of Ukrainian fairy tales lies in their moral foundation. The protagonists unfailingly uphold truth, help those in need, and embody goodness. These stories often depict characters rescuing others, conquering challenges, and triumphing over evil forces.

15. Ukrainian flag: A source of pride

The Ukrainian flag is one of the most important state symbols of the country. Historical records point to its establishment as a state symbol in 1848. Officially, the corresponding flag was approved on January 28, 1992, and since 2004 a holiday has appeared – State Flag Day (August 23).

The national flag of Ukraine consists of two equal horizontal stripes of blue (upper stripe) and yellow (lower stripe) shades. Although there is active debate about the meaning of the colors in the Ukrainian flag, the prevailing belief is that it symbolizes a clear, peaceful sky and boundless golden fields of wheat.

16. Ukrainian coat of arms

The Ukrainian coat of arms features a golden trident. Since the reign of Volodymyr the Great, it has symbolized princely power and has been associated with the ruler’s authority. And if you look closely, you can read the word “Volia” in it.

Ukrainians have carried their state emblem through the centuries, and its significance remains constant: a manifestation of the Ukrainian people’s unwavering determination for unconditional victory.

17. National Ukrainian anthem

The national anthem of Ukraine is one of the three main symbols of Ukrainian statehood, along with the state emblem and flag. Modern lyrics, penned by Pavel Chubinsky in 1862, blend seamlessly with the melody composed by Mikhail Verbitsky in 1863.

By the way, in 2005, a commemorative coin dedicated to the Ukrainian anthem was issued, coinciding with the 140th anniversary of the first public rendition of “Ukraine Has Not Yet Died.”

18. National currency hryvnia

The official currency of Ukraine is the hryvnia. It entered into circulation along with its hundredth part kopek (kopiika), thanks to the monetary reform of 1996. The letter code of the hryvnia is UAH, the digital code is 980, the icon is ₴, and the abbreviation in Ukrainian is hryvnia (without a dot).

The roots of the modern Ukrainian currency bring us back to Kievan Rus when the hryvnia referred to an ancient neck decoration.

19. Ukrainian Constitution

The modern constitution of Ukraine has a great ancestor – the “Constitution of Rights and Freedoms of the Zaporizhian Army”. This constitution stands as one of the world’s oldest written constitutions, adopted in 1710 under the leadership of Hetman Pylyp Orlyk.

For comparison: Britain’s constitution emerged in 1653, the USA’s in 1787, and Poland’s in 1791. The recognized first constitution is the Statute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania of 1529, encompassing Ukrainian lands of that period.

20. Geographical center of Europe

The Europe’s geographical center lies near the village of Dilove and the city of Rakhiv in the Transcarpathian region. Precise coordinates are 48 degrees 30 minutes north latitude and 23 degrees 23 minutes east longitude.

Interestingly, there are only 5 such centers in Europe (an additional one each in Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, and Belarus), reflecting variations in calculation methodologies.


Ukrainians are mentioned more than 50 times in the Guinness Book of Records. It is possible to find the most significant sports victories, unique achievements, incredible records…

However, nothing compares to the relentless spirit of the Ukrainian people. The enumerated values, significant globally, are rooted in Ukrainians and their land – incredible, beautiful, and courageous Ukraine!

On this list, Ukrainian glory does not end at all. Ukrainians also have Mriya, vyshyvanka, hopak, borscht… and countless other reasons to be proud of Ukraine. Are you interested in learning more? Stay tuned for our upcoming article!