Where to buy best vyshyvanky? 10 Astonishing Ukrainian brands


Each culture and nation have their own traditional clothes. Ukrainians are proud of their vyshyvanky (embroidered shirts) which carry a deep authentic, patriotic meaning and feature exquisite patterns and boast striking appearance.

In recent years, clothing with Ukrainian symbolism is on the top of popularity all over Ukraine and abroad. Harmoniously fusing beauty, naturalness, and comfort, Ukrainian clothes can be worn as festive and everyday apparel.

There are many AMAZING Ukrainian brands which create remarkable embroidered clothing and on the occasion of the International Vyshyvanka Day, we’ve decided that it would be great to acquaint you with these brands.


The marvelous brand ETNODIM is the online store and at the same time creative workshop which traces its roots back to 2007. Their talented designers create very stylish and truly one-of-a-kind vyshyvanky for men, women, and kids as well as diverse embroidered dresses, sweatshirts, and T-shirts with distinctive stylized ornaments. The brand has a patriotic mission to revive Ukrainian traditions by offering unique embroidered clothing.

ETNODIM clothing helps preserve the traditions of past generations. Ethno motif, linen fabric, new original forms, the connection of the past and present – all this is harmoniously combined in the clothing line of this Ukrainian brand. Created with modern trends in mind, ETNODIM shirts, decorated with geometric and floral ornaments, can be perfectly combined with fashionable trousers, jeans or skirts.

The official website – https://etnodim.com.ua/


FOBERINI clothing wins hearts at first glance. The brand boasts a huge assortment of all-season clothes starting from dresses and blouses and ending with trousers. The collections are distinguished with bright color shades in combination with widespread traditional embroidery patterns as well as the ones peculiar to specific regions of Ukraine. The FOBERINI team is in constant search for little known motifs and one can often see the best examples of Transcarpathian or Poltava embroidery on its embroidered dresses.

In the modern design and high-quality cutout, the brand revives the ancient embroidery which has ancient Slavic origin and carries a sacred symbolism. Unique in style, FOBERINI clothes occupy pride of place in showrooms all over the world. In cooperation with many talented Ukrainians, FOBERINI also realizes many interesting social projects focused to motivate Ukrainians to start their own business and show that it’s possible to become successful.

The official website – https://foberini.com/uk/

3 Synii Lon

In the collections of “Synii Lon” you can find an everyday linen embroidered shirt, festive clothing for a party, elegant dress for a theater or office, and what’s more, an astonishing wedding outfit. The brand puts a great accent to the woman’s beauty and creates tender vyshyvanky with a flower or geometric decor that can be well suited with modern jeans for a casual look. It also offers graceful dresses with a narrow waist, lush skirts, and lace gauntlets to emphasize the femininity of their owner.

It is worth noting that “Synii Lon” fulfills the wishes of a buyer, taking into account their budget: The brand can create a shirt or dress on an order or, if necessary, sew an item that is already liked by a client using another fabric. With its refined cutouts, light lace and diverse embroidery patterns, the brand “Synii Lon” will help you create vyshyvanka of your dream.

The official website – https://sl-shop.com/index.php?route=common/home


The brand 2KOLYORY proofs that authentic clothing can look stylish, interesting, and up-to-date. Vyshyvanky of this brand combine traditions of the Ukrainian folk and present-day fashion trends. Designers skillfully combine authentic ornaments with modern-day cutout details and embody them in clothing that carries its own meaning and serves as an amulet for their owner. The core principle of the brand is to use only high-quality fabrics, perfected cutout, and authentic ornaments.

With their natural and harmoniously decorated clothing, the brand 2KOLORY emphasizes the awakening of nature, spring innocence, the beauty of the Ukrainian woman, her tenderness and elegance as well as the courage of the Ukrainian men, their power and Cossack spirit. The collections of 2KOLORY are quite diverse: from traditional embroidered shirts to embroidered dresses of different lengths and cutouts, pair shirts, a series of Family Look linen and a kids’ line.

The official website – 2kolyory.com

5 Ptakha

Ptakha is a young Ukrainian brand offering stylish clothes with a national ornament which gain popularity among fashionistas. The creators of this brand see Ukrainian women and girls as charming birdies at any time of their life – at work, at a party, during a walk with friends. So, the assortment of embroidered shirts and dresses from the brand Ptakha is rather wide. Here you can choose both ready-made shirts and dresses as well as sew the one to order.

Designers are constantly experimenting with colors and patterns, making each product unique. Ptakha outfit is an ancient embroidery embodied in a new, modern design. The brand creates a distinctive style for a modern Ukrainian woman – feminine, authentic, where every detail matters and clothing is more than just a style.

The official website – ptaha.in.ua

6 Vita Kin

The brand Vita Kin is popular far beyond the borders of Ukraine. People from all over the world wear vyshyvanky by Vita Kin. This brand offers clothes in a wide variety of creative styles and bright colors to ensure each person can find the very vyshyvanka that will enjoy pride of place in their wardrobe.

The clothes are inspired by traditional Ukrainian patterns but feature uniquely developed designs. They are adorned with the author’s embroidery which perfectly blends in with the world fashion trends. The first embroidered dresses which The Wall Street Journal called the most popular summer dresses of the year were the ones from Vita Kin’s collection.

The official website – vitakin.com

7 VALA — SamaFaina Vyshyvanka

VALA-SamaFaina Vyshyvanka is a young Ukrainian brand whose exclusive customized clothing unites world trends and Ukrainian ethnic culture. To create up-to-date Ukrainian dresses and shirts, the founder and designer of the brand Olha Vasylieva is inspired by ancient traditions and hand sewing techniques. The brand uses only the highest grade European materials – 100% natural linen. There are also clothes made from natural silk, velour, and cotton.

The brand offers classic Ukrainian vyshyvanky in modern author’s performance; exclusive embroidered dresses with philosophy; unique dresses and blouses with hand painting and embroidery; T-shirts with author’s embroidery. The important and distinguishing feature of this brand is the possibility to create your own unique vyshyvanka. You can choose by yourself the color and ornament of your future dress.

The official website – vala-fashion.com

8 Varenyky Fashion

The clothes of Varenyky Fashion reflect modern fashion tendencies in combination with traditional Ukrainian embroidery patterns. Designers put special meaning into each vyshyvanka since each pattern and ornament which came to us from previous generations have a special meaning.

All products of this brand are sewn using natural fabrics and threads. A variety of colors impresses the imagination: from classic black-and-white to indigo, saffron, and pearl. Varenyky Fashion dresses are no just clothing – they are a whole philosophy that gives birth to a unique feminine style.

The official website – varenykyfashion.com.ua

9 Vilni Liudy

Vilni Liudy is the workshop where designers create modern clothing with the elements of traditional Ukrainian embroidery. The purpose of the brand is the revival of forgotten traditions, awareness of ourselves as the modern generation, descendants of the people with ancient deep cultural roots. Designers of Vilni Liudy create the exclusive garment in ethnic style as well as shirts and bright dresses in unusual styles.

The brand offers men’s and women’s vyshyvanky made of natural linen of any color. You will feel harmoniously and freely in clothing from this brand. Embroidered shirts and dresses by Vilni Liudy are made of linen fabric, and lace which is used for decoration is exclusively cotton. Vyshyvanky of this brand charm with their tenderness and perfect color solutions.

The official website – vvl.com.ua


SVITLO is a modern design studio whose mission is to carry the history of the nation through generations. SVITLO designers harmoniously combine ethnic, vintage and up-to-date trends and create exclusive clothing and accessories with ethnic elements. The brand offers seasonal collections and images for international beauty contests.

SVITLO decorates the clothing with age-old patterns of family relics, rare sewing technologies, unique motifs of embroidered shirts from the most picturesque corners of Ukraine. By combining modern eco-friendly materials and a comfortable cutout, SVITLO designers develop the author’s dresses, embroidered clothes, skirts, bags, necklaces, and chaplet. All things are unique as they made in one copy.

The official website – svitlo.style

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