Embroidered pride: highlights from Vyshyvanka Day celebrations

The Vyshyvanka Day celebration has become a good, valuable, and integral tradition among modern Ukrainians. So, every third Thursday of May, everyone who wants to participate in the festive events or demonstrate their favorite national clothes joins large-scale actions throughout the country and beyond.

The celebration does not imply any obligatory events. The very idea of Vyshyvanka Day is based on initiative and personal desire. This year marks the 17th anniversary of this patriotic, sincere, and unifying Ukrainian holiday.

In 2023, May 18 is that day. This is the day of Ukrainian identity, unity, fortitude, and freedom. Each city will host various events dedicated to the value of Ukrainian roots and independence.

By the way, Vyshyvanka Day celebrations are held not only in Ukraine. This holiday has become worldwide because it is celebrated in more than 50 countries worldwide. Thousands of people worldwide, both with and without Ukrainian roots, celebrate this significant holiday in Europe, Asia, and the USA.

Explore the highlights from the celebrations of recent years:

2017 year, Lviv. 10 women confectioners prepared a huge cake: 16 meters long, 53 centimeters wide, and 100 kilograms of weight. To prepare the cake and cream 15 kg of flour, 55 kg of sugar, and more than 1000 eggs were used.

This cake had the shape of a national symbol – rushnyk (Ukrainian embroidered towel) – and was decorated with traditional Ukrainian ornaments.The National Register of Records even registered this huge dessert, which all the city’s inhabitants tasted.

2017 year, Dnipro. The activists made an embroidered map of all regions of Ukraine in the form of puzzles – 24 regions + the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Each “region” was decorated with the corresponding ornaments typical for embroidered shirts and towels.

In general, the size of the map reached 70 m², and its sides were 7 by 10 meters. This unique flash mob demonstrated that all regions of Ukraine have their authentic features and traditions, but the country is more united than ever.

2019 year, Mykolaiv. A flash mob called “Vyshyvanka unites everyone” was organized. More than 600 pupils of Mykolaiv educational institutions participated in it. They gathered near the regional palace of culture and made an impressive procession in national costumes.

An exhibition of Ukrainian folk embroidery also accompanied the flash mob with a parade of vyshyvankas. Thus, the holiday passed in the spirit of national self-consciousness, patriotism, and memory of roots through the prism of Ukrainian national clothes.

2020 year, Kyiv. A few months after the start of the global pandemic, all events went online. Nobody canceled Vyshyvanka Day, and the planned events slightly changed their format and took place taking into account all precautions – in online communities.

So, with the initiative of the public organization “World Vyshyvanka Day”, a virtual meeting of Ukrainians from all over the world took place in the Facebook group of the same name. And later, a half-hour online parade of vyshyvankas took place.

2021, Rivne. In honor of the 15th-anniversary celebration of Vyshyvanka Day, city and region residents actively shared photos in national clothes on social networks. Moreover, both townspeople and local organizations took part in this flash mob.

Thus, group photos in vyshyvankas were posted by representatives of the Patrol Police Department of the Rivne region, the Rivne city council, and the “Sport for All” organization. It’s impossible to count how many personal selfies of Rivne residents appeared on the network.

How to join the celebration of Vyshyvanka Day?

Traditionally, every city and town has its programs of festive events. For example, parades, flash mobs, concerts, competitions, exhibitions, and other types of entertainment are very popular. The whole family usually attends such celebrations, which means that every Ukrainian man and woman will have fun. Therefore, if you want to join the celebration of Vyshyvanka Day online or in person, then follow the latest news.

In conclusion, Vyshyvanka Day is a beloved holiday celebrating Ukrainian identity, culture, and heritage. The article provides a glimpse into some of the highlights of previous celebrations in Ukraine and worldwide. There are many ways to participate and celebrate, whether in person or online. Vyshyvanka Day is a testament to the enduring spirit of the Ukrainian people and their love for their rich cultural traditions.