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Interesting facts about Ukrainian pich (stove)

The masonry stove is the ancestor of modern microwaves and ovens, and the Ukrainian pich is not only a stove where Ukrainians cooked food (in fact some Ukrainians in villages prepare food in pich even now) but a cultural heritage and Read more

Ukrainian bread in the Hutsul culture


The Hutsuls is an ethnic group living in Romania and the western part of Ukraine - Carpathians. They have made a major contribution to the culture and national cuisine of Ukraine and are known as the creators of simple but special dishes. It...

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Deep meaning behind Ukrainian beads

Namysto (necklace in Ukrainian) is a traditional women's jewelry worn by ancient and modern Ukrainian women. Such names as “busy” (beads), “monysto”, “bisery”, and “korali” were popular among Ukrainians. This variety of names means that such jewelry as beads was already...

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Five delicious recipes for uzvar (dried fruit compote)


Uzvar is a vitamin drink made of fruits and berries, most often – dried ones. In Ukraine, this drink is one of the 12 most important recipes of a Christmas table.

The dried fruit compote should be dark and translucent (not cloudy). Used fruits...

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Traditional dishes Ukrainians eat in the fall

Nutritionists claim that the most valuable foods are seasonal. This idea is prevalent in Ukrainian traditional cuisine, which includes many recipes with fresh, natural, and affordable ingredients. So, try these fall Ukrainian recipes to taste nutritious foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

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