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Apple pie with a lemon juice


Autumn is a great time to try new recipes for comforting pies. Thanks to the abundance of apples we can cook various desserts with this great fruit. Many of us have enjoyed the traditional apple pie...

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Pumpkin pie with shortcrust pastry


This great dessert can become the perfect ending to any feast. Bursting with pumpkin flavor this pie is crispy, rich, and delicious. The dessert tastes amazingly on the homemade short paste and served with guelder...

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Chocolate pumpkin cupcakes


As Halloween approaches, you need to have a terrific recipe for parties with friends, family gatherings and other come-togethers. Don’t worry, there is a great recipe for you. As you know autumn is the time for pumpkin...

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Pumpkin, cheese, and apple pie


This awesome pumpkin pie for Halloween is sure to amaze your family and friends.

Only imagine – autumn taste and flavor in one dish.

The pumpkin is perfectly combined with apples and cheese...

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Halloween vanilla cupcakes

2410162Usually when people think about Halloween, they think about various pumpkin desserts – pies, cakes, etc. But today we are going to bake amazing Halloween vanilla cupcakes - much to sweet tooth's delight.

We are going...

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Cheese cake with raisins

2310163What could be better than a comforting cake eaten with your beloved? And here is the recipe of an awesome dessert which is easy to cook and delicious to eat. Treat your guests with this amazing cheese pudding...

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