Funny sandwich “Duck”



  • 1 bun
  • 4 slices of cheese
  • 2 slices of boiled sausage
  • 1 black olive (without stone)
  • 2 maize cornels
  • 2 grains of roe
  • 2 lettuce leaves
  • 1 parsley root
  • dairy butter / mayonnaise


Cut bun along into 3 pieces. Grease the lower and middle part of the bun with dairy butter. Put on the former a slice of cheese and on the latter a slice of sausage. Make a hole in the upper part of the bun. Place parts of bun in the former order. Take thin slices of cheese, cut two rounds and bend them a little. Put one slice of cheese into another – it is the duck’s beak. Put the beak in the hole of the bun. Cut legs from the cheese. Insert wings – the lettuce leaves and tail – the parsley. Cut black olive into two parts – the eyes. Place maize corns on the olives. Make pupils of the eyes from the roes. Funny sandwich is ready!

Enjoy your meal!