Magic Old New Year fortune telling – 6 tasty ways to find out your fate


The holiday period from January 7 to 19 is considered special in Ukraine. Ukrainian ancestors believed that during this time the fate could open its secrets and mysteries, so they tried to get answers to the most personal questions. They found out about the future from various folk sayings and divination.

The Old New Year is celebrated on January 13. The Old New Year evening, which is also called Generous, was deemed to be one of the best days for fortune telling. What’s interesting, both unmarried girls and young men tried to discover their fate. Ukrainians also closely observed what happened in nature and in the house during the whole holiday day and Old New Year evening.

Some folk sayings have survived to this day. For instance, if there is money in the house during the Old New Year evening – you will live in abundance all year round. This day you should in no case lend your money in order not to take happiness out of your house. Ukrainians observed the Old New Year night: if it was clear and quiet – the year would be good, if the night was not cold – then the summer would be warm and rainy and if it was snowing at night – then you could wait for a rich harvest.

Young people were mostly interested in the question of marriage. During this mysterious night they tried to read fortune in the circle of friends and alone.

Every divination on the Old New Year must be done without doubting its truthfulness. According to experts, the prediction will happen only if you truly believe in it.

1 Varenyky (dumplings) with predictions inside

One of the oldest traditions of the Old New Year is divination using varenyky. This is a simple and fun tradition, which is great for both family gatherings and a party with friends. So, if you have not yet decided what to cook for celebrating the Old New Year – dumplings (ссылку на блог на рецепт) with forecasts for the future are a fine option.

The point is that when cooking varenyky you add a “surprise” to the filling of dumplings. Nobody who sits at the table knows which one of dumplings he or she gets.

The surprise inside means what does the future holds for a certain person: a coin or a grain means wealth, a button stand for a wonderful new year, a pepper means a year full with thrilling and exciting events, a thread means a trip, a sugar means a “sweet” life, a ring means marriage, a nut means that you’ll have two admirers at once, a cherry stone means a baby will be born in your family.

2 Grains that can look to the future

Girls arrange saucers with buckwheat, millet cereal, rice, semolina, oatmeal, and pearl barley porridge in a circle and pour water in a separate saucer. Then young ladies spin a raw egg in the center of the circle in turns and see in which direction the egg rolls.

If the egg rolls towards the buckwheat then the groom will be rich, towards the millet cereal – the fiance will be a blond, towards the rice – the young man will be married, towards the semolina – the groom will be from the north, towards the pearl barley porridge – the bridegroom will be a soldier. Water means that the future holds some trip for a girl. If the egg is spinning in one spot, then the girl will not get married this year.

3 Want to see you fiancé in a dream?

The method of fortune-telling is one of the simplest ones. Before going to sleep a young lady should eat something really salty. Pickles are perfect for this. For instance, she can eat a lot of preserved cucumbers or tomatoes.)

Before going to sleep she should say: “Who is my fiancé will give me a drink.” If everything is done correctly, then the girl will see her bridegroom in her dreams.

4 Kutia-foreteller that brings happiness

During the Old New Year evening, Ukrainians have cooked “generous” (rich) kutia with lots of dried fruits and nuts, adding a generous portion of dairy butter.

The oldest member of the family boiled wheat berries at the end of the evening. Wheat berries were put in a pot or a pan and then boiling water was poured above. The pot or pan was covered with a lid and wrapped with a towel. Then kutia was put in a warm place for several hours and left for several hours until wheat berries were done.

If as a result kutia had a poor taste, it was a bad sign. In order to not let the bad prophecy come true, this kutia was thrown away together with a pot or pan in any pond nearby. And if kutia was fragrant and fluffy, then the year would be happy for the whole family. The kutia was mixed with dairy butter and eaten in the morning to make the prophecy come true.

5 Ready to get answers to all worrying questions?

Take a jar with any grain or corn and ask a question you are concerned about. Then take a handful of grains in your left hand and count the number of grains. The even number of grains means a positive answer to your question while the uneven number stands for a negative answer.

 6 A magic apple that knows your fate

You need to try to peel an apple to get a whole thin “strip.” If the apple skin tears then the divination failed. The whole apple skin should be thrown through the right shoulder and when it falls on the ground you should guess what letter it resembles. The letter you see will be the first letter of your groom.

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