Pliatsok – Exquisite Ukrainian dessert, the king of Western Ukraine bakery

Pliatsky are one-of-a-kind bakery traditional for Western Ukraine. They represent something betwixt and between pies and cakes. In Lviv and Ternopil there is a dialectic word interpretation – “pastry that includes crusts, creams, and fillings.” It is no wonder that pliatsky are so loved by Ukrainians. They incorporate the best eating qualities of pies and cakes. The peculiarity of pliatsky lies in the combination of different tastes, which makes them extremely flavorful and breathtakingly tempting. Up to now, there is no holiday without this bakery in many regions of Lviv, where people especially value traditions. Many goodwives cook several kinds of pliatsok to surprise their guests.

The name of this delicious dish has Polish roots, while different recipes of pliatsok were diversified and refined by Galicia's Ukrainians. In Transcarpathia pliatsky are called “tisto.”


When cut in half, pliatsok has a bright, at times an elaborate pattern which resembles an embroidered shirt (vyshyvanka) owing to many colorful crusts and fillings. It is believed that to eat a really good cake, you’ll need to open your mouth widely - since pliatsok should be very high.

Pliatsky have both simple and quick recipes for every day as well as refined and special ones for holidays. They can be multi- and single-layered. Pliatsky are baked using different kinds of dough. It can be biscuit and yeast-fermented dough as well as puff and short crust pastry. They have a wide variety of interesting and unique creams and fillings, such as poppy seeds, nuts, fruits, dried fruits, honey, cheese, rum, brandy, etc. In recent times it became popular to add the pieces of marshmallow and marmalade inside pliatsky.

Moreover, this dessert has a plethora of unusual names such as “Morning dew”, “Three wishes”, “Chocolate chest”, “Firework”, “Halva kiss”, and many more.


Pliatsky are baked at full length and width of a baking tray which in Poland and Lviv region is called brytvanka or deko, while in Transcarpathia – tepsha. When baked, pliatsok is cooled in a baking tray, and then cut into portions in the form of squares or triangles.

Pliatsky are usually baked for important holy days – Christmas, Easter, and Memorial Day which is held in Transcarpathia on the first of November. They are also cooked for weddings, counting from 5 up to 15. It is believed that the more is the quantity of pliatsky on a wedding table, the more abundance newlyweds will have.

Traditional pliatsky have gained the hearts of several generations of Ukrainians, while new versions of Galicia delectables are not inferior in quality and taste. Whichever recipes you decide to try, you’ll be thrilled to bits.


Fill your home with a tempting smell of Lviv bakery! Enjoy the taste of Western Ukraine!

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