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 Eggplant and Bell Pepper Appetizer


This quick and easy vegetarian appetizer will surely satisfy your taste buds.

Tossed with soy sauce, tomato paste, and garlic, this starter is very flavorful and piquant.

This stewed eggplant and bell pepper...

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Bell Pepper and Cheese Appetizer


This appetizer is a great idea for any summer picnics. Bright and light, very easy to cook, and so appetizing. If you like the combination of a bell pepper with tender cheese mixture spiced with...

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Bell Pepper Rolls with Brynza

Рулетики-из-болгарского-перцаFirstly, this dish looks very appetizing and will become a decoration of any festive table. Seondly, it is low in calories and very useful. Roasted tender bell peppers stuffed with soft brynza (a brined...

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