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Stir-fried pork with potatoes

This savory and flavorful potato and meat stir-fry is perfect for a weeknight meal. The recipe is easy and time saving. You’ll see, this dish will become your right hand when you have a busy day and need to cook something fast and...

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Sauteed potatoes and mushrooms

Sauteed potatoes and mushrooms – is one of the most favorite dishes in Ukraine. We can serve it as everyday course or treat guests. By the way the dish like as children as adults.

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Village-style potato with cracklings

  Cook fried potato with cracklings and wow your guests with this amazingly tasty Ukrainian dish.


  • 1 kg potato
  • 200 g dairy butter
  • 100 g sour cream
  • 200 g salo (pork)
  • ...
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Nudli (Ukrainian style)

Nudli – are the Ukrainian dumplings in the form of roulades with chopped garlic and parsley. The dish is steamed with potato and meat in a rich sauce. The recipe for these nudli served with potato and pork is really worth trying.

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Potato with mushrooms

Dishes with potato are very nutrient rich and tasty. People in Ukraine often cook meals for supper and dinner, using potato and meat. But another traditional Ukrainian dish which will impress you is potato with mushrooms.

This simple recipe means to use champignons. But...

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