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Paska with Condensed Milk

090415Paska – is a classic Easter Bread. In Ukraine Easter Feast is impossible to imagine without Paska. There are a lot of recipes for Easter Paska. They can include not only sour cream and cream, but also condensed...

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Traditional Ukrainian baked paska

big52961a359caecPaska – is an Easter cake, a traditional Ukrainian dessert. Such Easter Bread is served on Easter holiday in each Ukrainian family. Once you make this baked paska, you'll always cook it!

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Easter cake ‘Wreath’

Cook with us the Easter cake which is called paskha in Ukraine. If you want to decorate a feast table then this recipe for the Easter cake 'Wreath' will definitely come in handy. It is...

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Scalded fruit paska



  • 800 g curds
  • 400 g apple sauce (apricot/raspberry/strawberry sauce)
  • 400 g sugar
  • 6 yolks
  • 400 g dairy butter
  • lemon rind (1 lemon)
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