4 unknown Ukrainian dishes about which even some Ukrainians do not know


The Ukrainian cuisine is famous for its legendary borsch (beetroot soup), pampushky (garlic donuts), varenyky (dumplings), and many other tasty dishes. But the national menu also “hides” recipes that are unknown even to Ukrainians in several generations!


Sharpanyna is a pie described by the prominent Ukrainian writer Ivan Kotliarevskyi in his works. To cook it you need to boil the fish broth. Then eggs, butter, and flour are added. Everything is well mixed and the dough of medium density is kneaded. In the end you have to arrange the cooked fish at the bottom of the baking tray, add spices, pour the dough above and bake everything in the oven.

Everyone who tasted sharpanyna say: “It’s a nourishing, delicious, and flavorful fish pie!”


This dish resembles a vegetable stew but has its peculiarities. To cook it, use zucchini, beets, tomatoes, eggplants (aubergines), pumpkin, carrots, and onions. After cutting, mixing, and stewing the ingredients, you can serve the dish either cold or hot. Merezhyvo has a common feature with borsch: in a few days, it will taste even better because vegetables will marinate in their juice and their tastes will blend.

Are you a fan of zucchini or eggplant spread/paste? Then you should definitely try merezhyvo.


Hamola is a great breakfast for the whole family. To cook it – bake and mash apples, then add flour and oatmeal. Mix everything well. The batter should have medium density, like sour cream. Fry pancakes on both sides until crispy or bake the dish like a pie in a large baking tray.

If you like apples, then this ancient Ukrainian dish is just for you.


This hearty dish was very popular with the Cossacks. It somehow resembles kulish (millet porridge commonly cooked with meat, salo, potatoes, carrots, and onions) but to cook it you need millet and buckwheat flour. Boil millet, add buckwheat flour and cook the mixture in a closed pot for 15 minutes more. When the dish is cooked, add oil or rendered pork fat.

If you want to try a dish with a taste of the Cossacks history – cook teteria!


Sometimes lost recipes can delight your taste buds no less than your favorite and tried recipes. Experiment and discover more unique dishes of the Ukrainian national cuisine!

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