Jellied eggs

This recipe is especially actual for the Easter. It will become the decoration of the table. It is not obligatory to use this very stuffing. You can use any other ingredients which may be chosen to your taste. Thus change and perfect the recipe, use your imagination.


  • 7 eggs
  • 350 g (10,5 oz) pork sirloin
  • 1/2 tin of green peas
  • 1/2 tin of corn
  • 2 red Bulgarian peppers
  • 2 tbsp gelatin
  • dill / parsley


Boil the sirloin in salty water. We will need 1 glass of the meat broth. Wash the eggs carefully. Make a little hole in the eggs (the diameter is 2-2.5 cm). Pour out the whites and the yolks. We will not need them, so you can use them to cook some other dish.

Dissolve soda in warm water and deep the eggs there. This procedure is necessary for the disinfection. Then wash the eggs in flowing water thoroughly.

Cube the meat. Wash the peppers, remove the seeds and cube them also. Cut dill or parsley. Place the eggshells in the egg cups. Put dill/parsley at the bottom of the eggshells. Then add pepper, meat, green peas, and corn.

Dissolve gelatin in 1 glass of the broth. Stir the gelatin until it dissolves completely. Pour  the broth above the ingredients. Cool the jellied eggs and place them in a refrigerator for one night. Then peel the eggshells and serve the jellied eggs.

Enjoy your meal!