Red and yellow tomato salad – Easy side dish that is bound to become a fall favorite


Sometimes simple is the best. Mix of colorful tomatoes and culinary herbs is a wonderful example. This lovely recipe lets tomatoes stand on their own with nothing more than a bit of oil, black pepper, and salt.

The mix of tender yellow and hearty red tomatoes makes a perfect combination. Yellow tomatoes are less acidic than red ones. They also seem to be a little sweeter and milder, while red tomatoes are tangier and deeper.

The salad is cooked in no time at all. Two main ingredients are combined, seasoned, and voila – an absolutely fantastic mixed tomato salad is waiting for brightening up your dinner table and pleasing your taste buds.

The trick is in serving the salad in a glass bowl so the colors of tomatoes can be shown.

You can eat this salad as a side dish, toss it with pasta, or serve together with some meat/fish dish. You may pack this salad for a picnic. It will also be great as a school lunch. The options are endless.



3 medium red tomatoes

3 medium yellow tomatoes

1/4 bunch of fresh dill

1/4 bunch of fresh parsley

ground black pepper – to taste

salt – to taste


Let’s start cooking this light yet incredibly satisfying tomato salad.

Rinse tomatoes under running water and dry them. Remove the core from each tomato and cut into bit-size pieces.

Wash fresh dill and parsley. Chop them finely.

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and adjust seasoning to your taste: sprinkle them with salt and ground black pepper. Drizzle olive oil over tomatoes and toss gently until combined.

Set aside the salad before serving for 15 minutes to let the flavors come together.

If you like juicy salads, let the dish stand for a couple of hours in the fridge.

Enjoy your meal!

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