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A dish that includes dough wrapped around a filling. Also, it may contain no filling. Ukrainian dumplings are usually called varenyky and filled with cottage cheese, potato, cabbage, and so on. Try these awesome dumplings recipes with us!

Varenyky with a delicious peach and raspberry filling


We encourage you to cook these tender and sweet Ukrainian dumplings with a filling made of raspberries and peaches. We suggest cooking these varenyky using unleavened dough made with sparkling water with the addition of yolks and dairy butter.

These fruit dumplings melt...

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Varenyky with salted farm cheese filling


Varenyky is a popular traditional dish that every Ukrainian ate growing up. This is the dish of our great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, children, and next generations of Ukrainians.

Here's the idea of diversifying this dish that is so familiar to...

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