Top 10 useful pieces of advice



Aubergines will not be bitter if you cut them into pieces, salt, leave for a couple of minutes and wash in cold water.


If you add some washed bulb onion peel, then it will have golden color.


In order to cut a fragile cake, heat the knife (dip it in boiling water for a minute).

If you cookies begin to burn, then grease paper with oil and cover cookies with it.


If you keep dried mushrooms a couple of hours in salty milk, then they will taste as fresh mushrooms.

In order to preserve vitamin C – cook mushrooms in a little quantity of liquid and as quick as possible.


Soak dry yeast in cold water for 20-30 minutes before serving.


Potato will not be overcooked if you boil it with bulb onion peel and pierce it in some places. You can also add some of the vinegar in order to get the same result.


It is better to salt meat and fish before frying. Salt potato when it gets the crust.


It is easier to grate yolks with sugar when they are warm. Use sugar or caster sugar for grinding.


The unleavened dough goods will be fragile if you add some cognac to the dough.

Bulb onion

A vegetable salad will be tastier if you pour cut bulb onion with boiling water.