Top 10 useful pieces of advice for a cook


When you come into the kitchen and have not decided yet what to cook – first of all do begin to bring to boil water. If you form this habit, you will appreciate its benefit getting the cooking experience.


Never begin to cook before reading the recipe to the end. Firstly understand the sequence of operations and after that get to work.


Weigh and measure off all necessary products. Place them on the table in front of you.


Prepare kitchen utensils.


Strictly follow the sequence of operations mentioned in the recipe. Do not hurry to salt but do not be late also.


Never leave such products as fat, oil, flour, and cereals uncovered during the cooking. They lose their taste, become bitter, and spoil quickly.


Keep tea, spicery, coffee, soda, and vinegar in the tightly covered glass vessels. Keep each of these products separately.


Do not boil oil, do not burn vegetable oil while their taste spoils as well as the taste of the products which undergo the heat treatment.


For breading use very dried flour or finely ground breadcrumbs only. They avert the food burning.


Always put products in the boiling water. It is better to place them in the culinary prepared boiling water – salted and peppered (if this is prescribed in a recipe).