What dishes Ukrainians love. Top 5 favorite

Whoever you are - we all love to eat. Each country has its own gastronomic favorites: In Ukraine, we love not only borsch but many other national dishes. An interesting poll held in 2013 shows about 5 Ukrainian recipes that are the most favorite ones in our country.

1)  First place - borsch/beetroot soup (44%)

Yes, there is no intrigue and surprise what dish Ukrainians name answering the question "what is your favorite dish?". Borsch is a classic, ancient, and yummy soup. Each housewife has her own recipe, so there are many variations. The main ingredients of this dish are beets, meat, potatoes, and cabbage.

2)  Second place - varenyky/dumplings (18%)

A gentle combination of dough and stuffing - yes, that’s when we are talking about varenyky.  By the way, they can be cooked in both sweet and salty versions. You can fill dumplings with potatoes, cabbage, soft cheese, cherries, mushrooms, apples, meat, and many other products.

3)  Third place - shashlyk/barbecue (10%)

Ukrainians are fans of cooking meat outdoors. Each family has its own recipe for a favorite marinade: mineral water, salt, and spices; tomato juice; honey and soy sauce; fresh vegetables; kefir (a cultured, fermented milk drink tastes a great deal like a yogurt); vinegar; mustard, etc.

4)  Fourth place - kholodets/jellied meat (7%)

A bit spicy, cold and very garlicy - that is kholodets. This dish is adored by many Ukrainians and is a mystery for a lot of foreigners. Its cooking requires chicken, beef or pork meat on the bone. And then - boil, boil, and boil. Seems weird? Rest assured, it's worth a try.

5)  Fifth place - cutlets (6%)

Simple, traditional, and tasty food. It can be served with any side dish or as a base for your favorite burger. The world-famous Chicken Kiev (Kiev cutlets) take a special place in Ukrainian cuisine. Have you liked the article about what Ukrainians love to eat?

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