22 Breathtaking photos showing the true beauty of Ukraine

The popular American online edition BuzzFeed has selected 22 photos by looking at which you’ll be inspired to visit Ukraine and will love it at a glance.

The author attracts special attention to beautiful landscapes, mountains, ancient temples, and century-old monasteries and fortresses.

We, Ukrainians, know how beautiful our country is but we offer you to enjoy its beauty once again and see how BuzzFeed sees it and shows the world.


1. The sky has the color that most people only see in their dreams. 

Courtesy Khirash Volodymyr / Via commons.wikimedia.org

Carpathian National Nature Park


2. The landscape looks like the flag of Ukraine brought to life.

Ilya CC BY-SA / Via Flickr: dobrych

 Somewhere in Kherson oblast (region)


3. The photos of these rolling hills and mountains look so beautiful that it is difficult to believe in their reality. 

Moahim CC BY-SA / Via commons.wikimedia.org

View of Ukrainian mountains Petros and HoverlaPhoto by Wikimedia Ukraine 


4. Everything touched by the natural light looks angelic.

Balkhovitin CC BY-SA / Via commons.wikimedia.org

Hoverla, the highest mountain in Ukraine


5. Green has never looked more beautiful.

Bashkatov Vitalii / Wikimedia Commons / Via commons.wikimedia.org

City Sudak, Crimea

Note: Russia annexed Crimea, but the move is not internationally recognized.


6. Mountains in Ukraine are of unreal beauty.

Robert-Erik CC BY-SA / Via commons.wikimedia.org

Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, Zakarpattia oblast (region)


7. With age, churches reveal their true and pure beauty more.

Krochak Ihor Yakovych / Wikimedia Commons / Via commons.wikimedia.org

Vozdvyzhenska church, city Ternopil


8. The nights look really picturesque, like a painting that comes to life.

Juanedc CC BY / Via Flickr: juanedc

Village Berezhnytsia, Rivnenska oblast (region)


9. Ukrainian monasteries look like palaces.

Moahim / Wikimedia Commons / Via commons.wikimedia.org

Monastery of St. Mykolai in Mukachevo, Zakarpattia oblast (region)


10. Churches also look divine.

Klymenkoy / Wikimedia Commons / Via commons.wikimedia.org

Saint Pantaleon Church, Shevchenkove, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast (region)


11. Ukrainian fortresses look fascinating.

Anton Suprunenko / Wikimedia Commons / Via commons.wikimedia.org

Khotyn Fortress, Chernivetska oblast (region)


12. Some castles look like no other and are so magnificent.

SvartKat / Wikimedia Commons / Via commons.wikimedia.org

Dubno Castle, Rivnenska oblast (region)


13. These colors captivate the eye.

Konstantin Brizhnichenko / Wikimedia Commons / Via commons.wikimedia.org

The Holy Mountains Lavra, Donetsk oblast (region)

Note: Travel to the region is discouraged due to the military conflict between Ukraine and Russia.


14. Ukraine has many talented artists creating works of art that surpass all expectations.

 Klymenkoy / Wikimedia Commons / Via commons.wikimedia.org

Church of the Three Saints, city Chernivtsi


15. Ukrainian fortresses look as if they stepped from the pages of fairy tales.

Q-lieb-in CC BY-SA / Wikimedia Commons / Via commons.wikimedia.org

Akkerman Fortress, Odessa oblast (region)


16. And Ukrainian opera houses could pass for houses of princesses.

Jorge Láscar CC BY / Via Flickr: jlascar

The Taras Shevchenko Ukrainian National Opera House


17. Kyiv’s colors are beyond lovely.

Juanedc CC BY / Via Flickr: juanedc



18. National parks of Ukraine enchant with their natural beauty.

Sak Anastasiia / Wikimedia Commons / Via commons.wikimedia.org

Regional landscape park “Granite-steppe lands of Buh”, Mykolaiv oblast (region)


19. Remote places are no less picturesque.

Balkhovitin / Wikimedia Commons / Via commons.wikimedia.org

Somewhere near Sviatohirsk Cave Monastery


20. Ukrainian rock formations look grandiose.

Oleksandr Chernykh / Wikimedia Commons / Via commons.wikimedia.org

Yalta Mountain Forest Reserve, Crimea


21. Sometimes it seems impossible to embrace all the beauty Ukraine has.

Jason Rogers CC BY / Via Flickr: restlessglobetrotter

Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle, Khmelnytskyi oblast (region)


22. The nature of Ukraine becomes even more beautiful if you see it from a bird’s eye view.

Dieter Zirnig CC BY-NC / Via Flickr: sugarmeloncom

Swallow's Nest, the Crimean Peninsula


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