Spices (part I)

We offer you a list of spices. Here you can find the most widespread spices which are used to cook various cakes, tarts, pie, etc. You will be able to find out where you can apply them.


You can add the seeds to dough or top cooked buns and rolls. Anise is usually used to cook spice cakes.


We usually buy dried blossom clusters, which we add to various marinades. We need ground cloves for baked foods.


You can use levigated roots of ginger for aromatization of pastry.


You can add it to sweet yeast dough and impart a special zest to your fine cuisine.


You can put this flavoury spice in varied dough fillings and also you may use it to powder pastry.


This white crystal powder is widely used to cook confectionery. Do not confuse it with vanilla – the pods of a tropic plant.