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Hazelnut Cake with Dried Apricots

Weekends is a good time to spent with your family around a dinner table enjoying flavorful tea and homemade hazelnut cake. This luscious cake is a perfect idea for the change of season. The cake’s combination of nuts, dried apricot, and apricot jam works flawlessly. And the creamy topping will impart our cake softness and […]

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Apricot dessert

Ingredients: 500 g of apricots 3 tbsp of powdered sugar 1 lemon Cooking Wash apricots, remove the stones and cut the fruits into pieces. Rinse and squeeze a lemon. Combine the apricots with powdered sugar and lemon juice. Mix everything properly. Place the ingredients in a dessert bowl and serve. Enjoy your meal! Tip! You can top […]