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Mushroom solianka

pict2Mushroom solianka is a recipe of the rich and nourishing Ukrainian dish which has a sour-salty-base and includes stewed cabbage and mushrooms. The traditional dish is easy to cook and is really tasty. If you want to vary the everyday menu then cook...

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Girolle goulash

lisichki_v_smetane_po-ukrainski-47355The cookery specialists refer the girolles to the category of the most popular and aromatic ingredients used for the cooking of the daintith dishes. The girolles contain vitamin C which reduces fatigability and improves the eyesight. Meanwhile these mushrooms have vitamin D which strengthens...

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Mushroom soufflé

  • 400 g of fresh mushrooms
  • 100 g of bun
  • 5 eggs
  • 50 g of lard
  • 1 tsp of finely cut bulb onion
  • 2 tbsp of dried breadcrumbs
  • 50 g of dairy butter
  • 30 g of grated cheese
  • black...
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