Chicken appetizer


  • 500 g of chicken
  • 50 g of bulb onion
  • 50 g of dairy butter
  • 50 g of flour
  • 1 yolk
  • 1/4 l (liter) of milk
  • fresh parsley
  • salt – to taste
  • lemon juice – to taste


Boil chicken and cut it into pieces. Grate bulb onions and boil in salted water. Heat dairy butter and brown the flour in a pan. Then add some milk, the onion broth, chicken and boil over the medium heat for 15-20 minutes. Set aside.

Grate boiled yolk and mix with the remaining milk. Put the ingredients in the pan. Bring the mixture to boil again.

Cool it a little and dress with lemon juice. Place the appetizer on a plate and top with chopped parsley.

Enjoy your meal!

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