Beef Roasted in Red Wine

There are a lot of nutrients in beef that are crucial to overall health. In addition, this kind of meat is very delicious.

The tender and juicy beef we are going to cook today is an ideal solution for some holiday. The secret of this dish lies in the marinade which imparts the beef a delicious taste and flavor.

Cook this rich and warming dish and wow your guests with its aroma, tenderness, and savour.


  • 2 bulb onions
  • 150 g (5 oz) salo
  • 3 rosemary twigs
  • 500 g (1,1 lb) beef
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic
  • 150 ml red semi-sweet wine
  • black ground pepper – to taste
  • red ground pepper – to taste
  • salt – to taste


Wash beef thoroughly and cut it into medium pieces. Beat up the meat carefully and rub it with salt, black and red pepper.

Chop salo and evenly arrange it on a baking tray covered with foil. Put the beef above.

Peel garlic cloves and bulb onions. Slice the garlic and cut the onions into semi-circles. Place the ingredients in a bowl and pour them with red wine. Stir to combine. Pour the prepared marinade above the meat. Add rosemary twigs. Cover the tray with a plastic bag and put in a fridge for 2 hours.

Then pour out the extra liquid. Bake the dish at 180-200°C (356 – 392°F) for 3 hours.

Enjoy your meal!